Why Some Children on the Autism Spectrum are Perfectionists

Children with High-Functioning Autism may be experiencing perfectionism if:

~~ they "act" superior over their friends (i.e., over-compensation for feeling inferior)

~~ no matter what they achieve, the feelings of satisfaction are temporary

~~ they are extremely competitive about almost everything

~~ they become obsessed with rules or lists

~~ they become very controlling in their personal relationships

~~ they believe that only by making everything perfect on the outsid will they feel O.K. about themselves on the inside

~~ they believe that people are either smart or stupid, and failure proves you’re stupid

~~ they believe that when things go wrong or they don't achieve at a certain level, they have failed

~~ they believe things in their life are either good or bad - right or wrong

~~ they feel like they fall short with every task they undertake

~~ they feel secretly judgmental of other people who fall short of perfection

~~ they have a fear of disappointing themselves

~~ they have a strong desire to avoid disappointing their parents

~~ they know that they are "different" as compared to their peers

~~ they resist starting a task because they're afraid that they will be unable to complete it

~~ they struggle to relax and share their thoughts and feelings

~~ they have been rejected by their peer-group

~~ they have been teased or bullied by peers

Bottom line: Young people on the autism spectrum who are perfectionistic have difficulty viewing a "failure" as simply a step in the learning process. All high-achievers have made numerous mistakes on their path to eventual success.

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