The Simple Explanation of High-Functioning Autism: How To Tell Other People About It

1. Kids with high-functioning autism (HFA) have a neurological condition, which means that they: (a) are learning how to socialize and understand the thoughts and feelings of other people, (b) have difficulty with a natural conversation, and (c) can develop an intense fascination in a particular area of interest. 

2. Another feature of HFA is delayed emotional maturity.

3. HFA is not caused by emotional trauma, neglect, or bad parenting. 

4. Both parents and teachers agree that the HFA child (who looks normal and has normal intellectual ability) for some inexplicable reason, does not seem able to understand and relate to others at the level one would expect for their age.

5. The youngster with HFA does not simply have a mild form of autism, but a different expression of the condition.

6. One of the features of HFA is a difficulty understanding the thoughts of others. 

7.  Their cognitive qualities include: an exceptional memory, enthusiasm and knowledge about their special interest,  an original way of thinking, good imagination, remarkable ability to think using pictures, remarkable long-term memory, and exceptional concentration when engaged in their special interest.

8. The major source of stress in life for a child with HFA is social contact, which may lead to either a meltdown (acting-out behavior) or a shut down (isolation and depression).

Resources for parents of kids on the autism spectrum:

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* Teaching Social Skills and Emotion Management

* Parenting Children and Teens with High-Functioning Autism


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