How To Know When It's Time To Move Your Child To A Different School


Here are 17 red flags that suggest a school change my be in order:

1. Your child states that he faces constant harassment and rejection.

2. The pressure on your child to conform is too great.

3. When your child arrives home, he or she doesn't talk about the events of the day.

4. He absolutely refuses to do homework.

5. She frequently states, "I hate school."

6. Your child has complained about bullying or conflicts.

7. Your child has experienced a loss of interest in learning, in general.

8. Your gut tells you that he or she is in real danger while at school.

9. He is in trouble for "misconduct" frequently while at school.

10. There are frequent suspensions and detentions for behavior problems.

11. She is now bringing home a lot of D's and F's on her report card.

12. Your child is learning to procrastinate.

13. She isn’t challenged enough.

14. He no longer engages in academics for fun.

15. Your child refuses to go to school.

16. His "special needs" are not getting addressed. 

17. The principal and teaching staff do not cooperate with you.


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